Mekteb-i Enderun (Palace School) Wyoma VanDuinkerken

After  the conquest  of Constantinople in 1453Sultan  Mehmet  II (r.l444, 1451-81) realized  that there was an increasing  need for more government officials  to deal with the growing internal37 and external affairs of the empire.  In additionthe Sultan was dissatisfied with  the  training  of  government   officials. He  was  particularly disappointed  with  the inadequacy  of  the  system  of  training   officia1s  through   apprenticeship  and  practical experience.38       He  realized  that  a  new  institution   was  needed   to  train  more  efficient bureaucratsqualified to address  the  increasing  administrative demands of  the empire.However, since  any such institution  would  increase  the number  of qualifıed  government officials, it \Vould inevitably accumulate considerable po\ver and authority.